• ALOHA – First Time @ J-Gen (7th-8th graders only)
  • Are you a first-timer @ J-Gen?! We praise God that you're here! As we experience the joy of knowing Christ and His awesome glory, be prepared to rub shoulders and taste the goodness & power of God's Word! This seminar will embrace our calling to 'arise and shine the light of Christ,' all because of the finished work of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Get ready, get hungry, get excited; we will arise together and shine brighter than the stars for Jesus!

  • ARMED – Arise through the Word and Prayer
  • Do you have a longing to spiritually arise? Well, this is because God has in your heart embedded a deep desire to rise above your sins...and into the likeness of Christ. And the two most indispensable means that God has given us for this are: God's Word and prayer. Let's journey deeper into the Word and prayer so that we might spiritually arise in our generation.

  • ADORE – Worship and Idolatry
  • You and I are created to worship God – to praise and delight in the beauty of God! Yet, often times, we find ourselves distracted, forgetful of God, and even choosing to rebel against God. What’s wrong? The truth is that there is something deeper going on. Something is hindering and dividing our worship. In this seminar, we will address questions like: What’s snuffing out my worship? What does it mean to offer true worship to the Lord? How can I continue to grow in my worship after J-Gen?

  • ABOVE – A Godly Perspective on Problems
  • Have you ever felt like life was just full of dark and stormy clouds? Interestingly, we learn from science that above those dark clouds we can still find light. Although you may not see it, the sun is still there. In the same way, even when we are surrounded with problems, God is still there and there is still hope to be found in Christ. This seminar will help you have a godly perspective on problems so that you can continue to grow spiritually even in difficult times.

  • AIRWAVES – False Gospel in the Media
  • Kendrick. Taylor. Kanye. Ariana. A few of the "earthly gods" that rule over the media, and have their own "gospel" to share to the world. But what if I told you that Christians are in danger of being exposed, and even being enticed, to the false, and sometimes demonic messages that music, movies, and television brings? What we listen to and what we watch matters in our walk with Christ. And though we may think we are avoiding such worldly messages, we must learn how to discern what enters our ears and eyes as faithful followers of Christ. This seminar will take time to expose the true message of the media in music and movies/TV, and take steps in how to become more discerning and wise in what we watch and listen to. It's time to wake up.

  • ATTEST – Creative Evangelism & Missions
  • This seminar has two parts: creative evangelism and missions. This is for those that have never shared about Jesus with others, to those that are passionate about evangelism. We will go over how to conquer fears and will give tips on how to make this a part of your daily life. Also, we will get a glimpse of what God is doing all around the world and how we can participate in God’s mission to the world!

  • AFFIRM – Sisters, These Things are True of You
  • Being a woman of God may seem like an impossible tight rope walk. We try to balance being perfect daughters, successful students, and loyal friends, all the while looking beautiful on social media. What if I fall short in all these areas? How can I respect myself and honor others when I know that what I put out on social media is only partially true of myself? In this seminar, we will share honestly about the struggles women face and explore what is true of our identity in Christ regardless of how we may feel.

  • ADMITTED – Going to College
  • Leaving for college can be an exciting yet frightening time. There are new friends, new environments, new decisions, not to mention the overwhelming amount of study and homework! In this seminar we will talk about how you can prepare for the challenges of college while also growing in your relationship with Christ on campus.