• The Firsts – First Time @ J-Gen (7th-8th graders only)
  • Are you a first-timer @ J-Gen?! We're so glad that you're here! As we encounter Jesus Christ through God's awesome Word, get ready to rub shoulders and embrace what it truly means to be the Joshua Generation! This seminar will embrace our calling to 'be strong & courageous,' all because of the finished work of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Get excited, get hungry, get pumped; we will cheer for one another and march together in the victory of the Lord!

  • The Word – Living and Active!
  • God describes his Word as a sword, as a hammer, as water and as fire. These pictures show us that God’s Word is living and active – and meant to transform us. And yet, for many Christians, the Bible just seems boring. What’s the problem, and what can we do about it? Hear from some of our plenary speakers as they help you unleash the power of God’s Word so that the Bible can come alive in your life.

  • The Gospel – Sharing Jesus
  • We all get excited about sharing with others about the things we love, don't we? We can talk endlessly and passionately about our favorite movie, our favorite athlete, or our favorite restaurant! While that is all well and good, shouldn't we as Christians ALL THE MORE be passionate about sharing the one thing that has absolutely transformed our lives and is of eternal significance - the Gospel of Jesus Christ? In this seminar we want to learn how to grow our passion and our skills to compellingly share Jesus with others.

  • The Stories – How to Biblically Engage Social Media and Our Culture
  • Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook… What does it look like for a follower of Jesus to engage with social media? Studies show that on average, we spend around 4-6 hours on social media per day! So should we delete it? What does the Bible say about this? How do we redeem it in a way that pleases God? We will learn biblical principles to help us post, like and snap in a way that honors God and builds up others for the Kingdom of God. Overall, we will study how to engage the ever-changing cultural trends in a biblical way.

  • The Media – Under the Influence of...Music and Movies?
  • Teenagers listen to an average of 2 hours of music per day, and about 20-30 hours per week watching TV or movies. What we may think is harmless is actually affecting our generation in a negative way. What are the messages hidden behind the catchy melodies in a song? How does what we watch affect our behavior? This seminar will dive into the dangerous influence of music and TV/movies has on us emotionally, physically, and most importantly, spiritually. As followers of Christ, we must use discernment in what we listen to, and what we watch.

  • The Servant – Student Leadership
  • As a student, how can you make a difference, influence and impact your youth group and others around you? What does it mean to be a leader and how do you cultivate the right heart and mentality for servant leadership? In this seminar, we will meditate deeply on Scripture and encourage students to not wait until they are adults to lead. We will explore a theological philosophy for student leadership and investigate practical strategies for developing into a student leader.

  • The Heart – Dual Nature and Artificial Intelligence (high schoolers only)
  • Have you ever wondered why you still struggle with sin as a Christian? Why are there times when we try so hard to live for God, and yet we fail? In this seminar, we will discuss the Bible’s teaching on dual nature, where the Spirit within us is fighting our sinful desires. We will also learn about the field of artificial intelligence from recent academic and industry research, and think about the implications of our dual nature on technology and the future of AI.

  • The Freshies – Going to College (13th graders only)
  • Leaving for college can be an exciting yet frightening time. There are new friends, new environments, new decisions, not to mention the overwhelming amount of study and homework! In this seminar we will talk about how you can prepare for the challenges of college while also growing in your relationship with Christ on campus.